Thursday, August 21, 2008

Superior Court 8/21/08 - IN THE INTEREST OF: R.P., A MINOR,

IN THE INTEREST OF: R.P., A MINOR,APPEAL OF: K.P.IN THE INTEREST OF: L.P., A MINORAPPEAL OF: K.P.No. 2741 and 2742 EDA 2007 2008 PA Super 196 Atlantic: n/a Filed: 8/21/2008
Appeal from the Order Entered October 4, 2007,in the Court of Common Pleas of Pike County, Civil Division,at No. Juvenile No. 124-2007 and 123-2007.
Opinion by: BOWES, J.
This is an appeal by K.P. (“Mother”) from the October 4, 2007 order adjudicating her children, L.P., born July 21, 2003, and R.P., born February 20, 2006, dependent. L.P. and R.P., who are not consanguineous, were adopted from different orphanages in Russia. L.P. was adopted in June 2004, and R.P. was adopted in June 2007, only two months before suffering brutal, life-threatening physical abuse at the hands of Father. N.T., 9/17/07, at 18-19. They were declared dependent children after the trial court found that Mother was a perpetrator by omission of R.P.’s abuse. As the court also found aggravated circumstances, the October 4, 2007 order provided that no further efforts to preserve or reunify the family were necessary. Following our exhaustive review of the notes of testimony, relevant case law, and arguments of the parties, we affirm.

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